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Your Guide to Powerlifting Essentials

Your Guide to Powerlifting Essentials

Powerlifting is a passion for some, an obsession for others and is believed to be a true testament of strength. In this article, we’ll focus on the safety and support essentials of powerlifting. Even if you’re not part of a powerlifting competition, but are thinking of performing powerlifting sometime in future, it’s important to know how to do it safely.


Powerlifting is a form of sport that includes three major compound movements; squats, bench press, and deadlifts. Also, if you’ve been working to add muscle mass and strength using these moves, then you’re on a similar track as compared to beginner powerlifters.


There are a selected few pieces of equipment that are suitable to lift heavy stuff, which some people prefer. In the next sections, we’ll cover some of the essential equipment that is definitely required, regardless of the fact that you’re training in a gym or competing at an event.


A powerlifting belt can really make an impact when you’re trying to improve your overall strength and performance. Quality lever belt is mostly used since they are designed to help provide support and decrease the risk of injury if used properly. They are made from genuine leather and features adjustable lever buckles as well.


Shoes for powerlifting should be flat and must allow for your toes to have some room. Another must have need are high rise socks.


Wrist Wraps offer great support during heavy lifts because they help to stabilize wrist joints.

Bodybuilders and Fitness Experts mostly wear wrist wraps during their workouts because of their ability to support heavy lifting. For powerlifting and strength training, sturdy wrist wraps with nylon and elastic material are quite famous.


Elbow Sleeves that are designed to provide extra compressive support are made from durable neoprene material which doesn’t lose its quality and effectiveness over time. Elbow and Knee Sleeves are also helpful in combating pain and stiffness.

Furthermore, knee sleeves are easily adjustable and provide compression, support, and stability for trainers.

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