Top 5 Workouts to Try at Home

Top 5 Workouts to Try at Home
Our lives can get pretty hectic and we are unable to take out time to workout, Body Reapers provides you a whole ton of economical gym equipment to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your workouts. Even the most basic exercises can be done at home and do a perfect job without the need to hit the gym. The five workouts that you can try at home are; Pushups, Lunges, Burpees, Planks, and Squats.


This is quite an effective workout, as the whole body weight and muscles are required to perform this. It helps in building the upper body strength, shoulders, pectoral muscles, and triceps. Wearing an occlusion band can add more endurance to your workouts and recruit your stabilizing muscles during pushups.


This is a resistance exercise that helps in improving mobility and stability as it affects strengthening and toning the body. This simple workout targets the back, hips, and legs. To add more difficulty to your lunges and reach higher productivity levels use home training bands (Resistance Bands, Hip Flexion Bands, Lifting Straps, etc).


This is a Calisthenics exercise which is a wonderful full-body workout. It helps with both strength and endurance in the upper and lower part of the body. The exercise targets the shoulders, chest, arms, abdomen, hips, and leg muscles.


This exercise is a whole-body workout that strengthens the posture of the body. This workout targets the abdominal muscles whilst keeping the core stable without straining the back.


This exercise is a two in one workout for the lower body and the back. It helps with building the muscles, strengthening the core, produces flexibility, and improves the posture. It targets the lower back, calves, hamstrings, abdominal muscles, and quadriceps. To add more definition to your squat exercises, try a dip belt Squat. It increases your lower body mass and the back support belt aligns your body, reducing the spinal compression.

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