Hip Flexion Band Exercises to Try

Hip Flexion Band Exercises to Try
Hip Flexion Bands are a very valuable gym accessory. They are of great assistance when it comes to improving the mobility of your workouts. They also help to provide instant muscle recovery and reinforce your legs and hip muscles, offering you an ideal workout experience.

3 Flexion Band Exercises which are worth trying

Slanting Split Squat:
The exercise targets the glutes, hamstrings, and ab muscles. To perform the Slanting Split Squat Lean over in the squat position, with the flexion band wrapped around your knees. Stepping your foot forward and then returning to standing position.

Standing Hip Flexion:
Standing Hip Flexion helps to improve the posture and alignment of the body. It primarily targets the hip flexors, quads, and groins. To perform the standing Flexion wrap the band around your ankle and raise your one leg until your foot is parallel to the waist level. Make sure your leg is straight during the movement.

Knee Raise:
Knee Raises with hip flexion bands help to reinforce the hip flexors, smoothing the movement of your body. To perform the Knee raises fasten the hip flexion band around your knee and raise one knee as high as possible. Don’t forget to keep your body straight with your hands on your waist.

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