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Body Reapers Bench Press Sling Shot Body Reapers Bench Press Sling Shot

Body Reapers Bench Press Sling Shot

$52.00 $38.99

BEST QUALITY: This bench press band is composed of sturdy and long-lasting nylon fabric helping you in maintaining appropriate weight-lifting position. STRENGTH:  The strong elastic bandage keeps your arm from trembling while your chest is on the bar.  MAXIMISE YOUR WORKOUT RESULTS- The bench press sling shot is made to provide maximum support to your arms while you bring the best...

Body Reapers Bicep Occlusion Straps


Premium elastic fabric and a quick-release buckle are used in the design. Technology - The BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) bands are created with superior fabric and have a comfort-fit design for convenient use with a velcro patch that supports the hold.  Dimension- 3 inches width 24 inches length. With a very robust strap and a quick-release buckle, it's extra convenient...

Body Reapers Thigh Occlusion Straps


Thigh Occlusion training straps are 3 inches wide and excellent in offering restriction of blood flow in the veins of a working muscle to kick-start some more significant gains in muscle size and strength. Although occlusion Bands have been scientifically proven to increase muscle size and power similar to that of heavy resistance training, it also aids in enhancing endurance...

Lever Belt- Lever Replacement Lever Belt- Lever Replacement

Lever Belt- Lever Replacement

$26.99 $22.99

Individually sold metal lever replacement for Lever belt.

Trimmer Sweat Belt Trimmer Sweat Belt

Trimmer Sweat Belt

$35.88 $24.99

Sauna for Your Waist - Stomach belt is made of soft Neoprene that retains heat well and raises your core temperature when exercising. Body Reapers trimmer sweat belt encourages exercise by generating healthy sweat. Lightweight and Comfortable - Adjustable Stretchy & Durable Belly Belt for Men and Women, High Quality Latex-Free Neoprene, Finest Neoprene Fabric Helps in Soft Tissue Support...