About Us 

Body Reapers- Not a product, but a solution!

Committed to offering the best products to support your workout and inspired by the fact that fitness is not luxury but a lifestyle, Body Reapers is the home to everybody who believes in ‘great-quality fitness shouldn’t cost you a fortune’.

As every idea starts out of a problem, so did ours when the Founder & CEO, Mr. Rawal’s falling-elevator accident not only forced him out of his fitness journey for long years but also gave him a herniated disc, hence getting back to working out was indeed painful. Moreover the products available in the market did no good in making the process any easier.

Being an orthopedic physician assistant, a medical school graduate with over 10 years of experience In Sports medicine and orthopedics, provided him with the background of understanding human body, Muscle anatomy and physiology and developing products that were designed to not only help but also target ‘specific body parts in specific ways.

That is what led to the birth of our first ever solution- the Body Reapers lever belt. Since then, from ethically sourced materials to highly efficient final products, the ever-dedicated team of Body Reapers seeks to provide you with the best fitness products to improve not only the physical but an overall well-being of everyone who wishes to feel good in their skin. The brand that was born out of exhaustion but nurtured with knowledge, experience & patient efforts; now strives to serve you with top-notch quality, seamless customer experience and the lifestyle you deserve with the following three pillars that support our company:-


At Body Reapers, we believe in educating every stakeholder about the in-and-out of our products to ensure the solution serves nothing but simply the best. 

From sourcing material to processing it to finally getting it delivered to you, our team is well-educated about the process at every checkpoint.


The Body Reapers team is zealous about innovating solutions that are not only productive but classy as well. 

After all, a solution is good if it works, it's better if it adds confidence. And that confidence is brought to you in the form of sturdy, long-lasting products designed to add style to your workouts.


We believe in sharing an equal effort with our customers and dedicating ourselves to producing what fits the best.

 While our customers dedicate themselves to getting a better body, we dedicate ourselves to supporting them with the best equipment that levels up their workouts.