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Body ReapersFigure 8 Lifting Straps



  • Body Reapers 8 lifting straps are made of extra-strength heavy duty cotton webbing for greater reinforcement, reliability, and comfort. You can lift more while decreasing grip strain thanks to incredibly durable materials.
  • These straps are a must-have for when you're lifting hefty weights in the gym. When executing repetitive lifting activities, they give extra grip and wrist support. They'll free you up to concentrate on perfect form and execution. They're great for deadlifts, single-arm rows, pull-ups, heavy shrugs, and a variety of other wrist-weight workouts. 
  • The 8 figure lifting straps are accessible in 3 sizes and can be used by males and females.
  • Comfortable and non-slip grip - These deadlift straps protect your hands from abrasion, wrist fracture, and soft tissue trauma. Shock-absorbent neoprene padding provides comfort and stability during large lifts.
  • Best quality- Your safety is our top priority, therefore you can trust us to never let you down. These gym wrist straps keep you secure by locking you into the bar or dumbbells you're lifting. BE LIMITLESS with achieving your physique goals with this strap!

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