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Body Reapers Elbow Wraps - Anti Slip 7mm

  • BODY REAPERS ELBOW SUPPORT: Our premium elbow wraps will protect your elbows while allowing you to lift more weight. With a 40-inch length, you can manage the tension by wrapping them tightly with our hook and loop Velcro system. Our elbow straps are readily adjustable and will provide you with the exact amount of compression you require every time.
  • VELCRO CLOSURE Mechanism: Unlike other elbow wraps, we've included a secure Velcro closure system to ensure your safety when working out. There will be no slipping or rolling down! Wrap to your desired compression level and attach using our Velcro method.
  • SUPPORT, STABILITY, AND STRENGTH: Our elbow bands will significantly improve your training results. Elbow wraps can help you improve your upper body strength while doing bench presses, overhead presses, and other pressing exercises.
  • HIGH QUALITY: For our elbow wraps, we exclusively use the highest quality neoprene. Our high-quality Velcro stays put and doesn't come undone in the middle of a workout. Our Velcro is double zig-zagged stitched to prevent it from tearing from the elastic. Durable, lightweight, and attractive!
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY WORKOUT: Strongman, Gym, Crossfit Training, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Fitness, Strength Training, Bodybuilding, and any other workout that requires the use of your arms!

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