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Body Reapers Knee Wraps - 80"

  • Knee straps for weightlifting men and women give support during front and back squats, lunges, bending and twisting movements, and other bending and twisting exercises with optimal joint compression and flexibility.
  • Improve stability - When squatting deep, our weight lifting knee wraps provide extra joint support, allowing you to maintain your knees out and properly positioned, which is critical for enhancing strength gains and finishing activities effectively.
  • Comfortable and flexible - These men's and women's powerlifting knee sleeves wrap snugly around your leg while allowing skin to breathe, allowing you to select the perfect fit and support with balanced tension and stability control.
  • Body Reapers squatting gym straps are available in black, camo, and American-inspired hues, and have double stitching and extra elastic resilience to ensure they last through sweat, high weight, and severe training.
  • Every product is supported by a full refund or replacement because we at Body Reapers believe in making sturdy, long-lasting fitness items that support every rep, session, and goal.

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