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Training Bands to use for home exercises

Training Bands to use for home exercises

Training bands are multi-use workout accessories that make it possible to get in a great exercise anywhere—even when you’re stuck at home. The adaptability of exercise bands makes them the perfect addition to home training accessories. Here is a compiled list of the best training bands for at-home workouts.

Resistance Loop Bands

It is a lightweight and versatile product - when used correctly can aid the postural and structural balance of major muscle groups. Activating 'sleeping' muscles is one of the popular use of loop bands. In addition to activating muscles, loop bands are often accustomed to add additional resistance to exercises so as to enhance strength, muscular endurance, and postural balance.

Simple Resistance bands

These resistance bands are larger elastic bands that you can use to exercise all areas of the body. They can be good for the people with limited mobility, as many of the exercises are often done while seated. You can do squats, chest press, leg press, lateral raise, bicep curl, and seated calf press at home with these bands.

Hip Flexion band sets

Hip flexion band set target the hip flexor muscles. The hip flexors are a series of muscles that work together to flex the hips toward the chest. Hip flexion bands can help in cross-training your hip flexor muscles with hip flexion, adduction and abduction - a well-rounded exercise routine at home.

Exercise mini-bands

Mini bands are super convenient, you'll be able to take them anywhere, and that they barely weigh anything. Plus, they’re of low impact, so they’re great for somebody returning from injury. That doesn’t mean mini-band exercises are easy, though. Mini bands, like other kinds of resistance bands, work on your muscles a little differently than free weights do. They increase time under tension for your muscles.

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