5 Ways to Burn Calories and Be Productive During Lockdown

5 Ways to Burn Calories and Be Productive During Lockdown

Most of us are used to work out at the gym or going outside for a run. But since that is no longer an option due to the imposition of lockdown around the world, you might feel less hopeful regarding your health and fitness. There are several ways to stay fit at home. Losing weight and staying fit comes down to losing calories efficiently. If you want to maximize your productivity, here are a few tips to help you burn more calories and reach your fitness goals faster: 

1) Add More Weight to Bodyweight Exercises

The size of the weights matters more than the number of reps you perform in a certain amount of time. Lifting heavier weights will break down more proteins in the muscles, requiring the body to use more energy to repair and recover.

You can also choose to wear weighted vests. These will transform your workout into a resistance exercise. The added load will make your workouts more effective without compromising your form.

2) Prioritize Compound Exercises

Isolation exercises targets muscle groups and thereby improves your weaknesses and imbalances. Compound exercises work on muscles all at once, and this helps to raise metabolism by increasing the amount of calories being burned.

3) Drink Large Amount of Water

Before you start your workout, try to drink two glasses of water. This would allow your body to burn more calories and lower its temperature.

4) Limit Your Rest

If you’re planning to do three sets of 10 sprints and three sets of 10 burpees, you should try to do 10 sprints and 10 burpees back-to-back without any break. This way, you can rest certain muscle group while using another. And since you're not be taking a break, your heart rate would stay in the calorie burning phase. 

5) Apply Circuit Training Techniques

Circuit Training Technique suggests that it's best to do one set and quickly move to the next. Repeating this circuit three to four times would allow you to work on muscle groups all at once, thereby building muscle mass all over your body.


During these difficult times coronavirus pandemic, the one thing that we should look after is our health. We should focus to exercise daily in order to uplift our spirits. Any activity that helps to raise your heart rate is good for well-being, so become active in any way that you can.

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