Ankle Straps

You need to Try Ankle Straps today!

You need to Try Ankle Straps today!
Ankle Strap is a simple gym accessory that is wrapped around the ankle and the sidebar is attached with a cable machine. Ankle straps add more definition to your lower body workouts, by allowing more strength. Body Reapers Ankle Straps comes in with shock-absorbent padding for improved stability and comfort. The uniquely designed hooks and loops are adjustable to offer ease of use when threading the strap, which adds more support and mobility as you push your cable exercises to the max! Ankle straps are perfect for all types of workouts and are highly durable and comfortable.

3 Ankle Straps Exercises to Build More Strength

Cable Crunches

Cable Crunches with ankle straps are an ideal exercise to burn fats and tone abs. It increases the resistance of your body, thus enabling you to build more strength. Another ideal benefit cable crunches have to offer is that they help to build abs quicker even if you are carrying body fat.

Weighted Legs Raise

Weighted leg raises target the lower abdominal area of the body also known as vertical crunch, hanging knee raises, captain's chair or hanging leg raises. This exercise keeps your muscles well connected and is a great addition to your cardiovascular training as it helps you burn a large number of calories and reduce inches faster.

Cable Lateral Lunges

If you want to train your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, Cable Lateral Lunges are the best possible option to do so. When you switch to cable lateral lunges and attach ankle straps not only reinforces your muscles but also boosts your normal forward and twisting movements by developing the strength, stability, and balance of the body.

Hence, go try these exercises with Body Reapers Padded Ankle Straps. Enjoy your workout jams and strengthen your lower abdominal muscles.
Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!

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