Resistance Bands & Their Benefits

Resistance Bands & Their Benefits
Resistance bands are stretchable bands that are a great addition to your strength or rehabilitation exercises daily. They add extra challenges to your ordinary bodyweight exercises. Body Reapers Portable Premium Quality Long resistance bands are perfect for exercises like Banded Split Squat, Banded Alternating Bent-Over Row, Banded Standing Anti-Rotation Press, Banded Overhead Squat, and Banded Hammer Curl to Half Curl.

5 Benefits of Resistance Bands

Recruits the Stabilising Muscles

Resistance Bands are known to be very versatile and efficient. It exerts a lower amount of force on the joints, providing more stimulus to the muscles which activate and builds them, preventing future injuries.

Improved Strength

Many Experienced powerlifters and trainers have claimed that training bands with the ideal amount of training produces an efficient amount of output and build strength. Along with building strength, it improves the mobility and flexibility of the body.

Portable and Affordable

Resistance bands are a very effective and inexpensive gym accessory, an average resistance band costs around $6 to $30 depending on the place you brought it from. These bands are very low maintenance compared to other gym equipment as they don't require a lot of storage space, as they are small, flexible, and lightweight.

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