When to use Lifting Straps for Weightlifting & Bodybuilding

Lifiting Straps
If you’re one of those who goes to the gym regularly, knowing how to use lifting straps properly is an important aspect to consider. Decision to use lifting straps depends on what you’re trying to accomplish in a specific workout.


A powerlifter’s goal is to get strong in doing squat, deadlift, or bench press. Given that grip strength isn’t enough, powerlifters use lifting straps for deadlifts and accessory work.

Lifting Straps are essential when doing heavy deadlifting using your elbows and by using lifting straps, you can keep training hard without aggravating your elbow to its fullest. As a powerlifter, you may choose to use Body Reapers Wrist Straps and Knee Sleeves in any competition that you are planning to attend. 


For Olympic Lifters, the principle is similar. Olympic Lifting is all about who can lift the most weight. Between two lifters with identical levels of strength, the lifter with the better technique will lift more weight. In such case, Lifting Straps allow you to put in a lot heavier technique practice.

You may want to start using Lifting Straps if your grip is limiting your ability to tackle your weak points as hard as you want. 


Lifting Straps are quite necessary to reap all the benefits during bodybuilding. Straps, allow you to lift more amount of weight and, consequently, the amount of tension you put on the upper back.

While Body Building, your double overhand grip strength will hinder how much you can deadlift. You’ll need to uplift your grip to continue building strength. Other than mixed grip, you’re left with only one option: use lifting straps to lift heavier sets. If your sole focus is on building muscles, then straps are the best option available.


Lifting Straps are a great tool to ensure proper training. Used properly they’ll maximize your training output and, of course, your gains.

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