How to build muscles without going to the Gym

How to build muscles without going to the Gym
Yes, you can indeed build muscles and stay fit without going to the gym. All you need is the right guidance and clear direction. Here’s our attempt to teach you how to stay in shape while being at the comfort of your home.

Healthy Diet is as important as Exercise

Fixing your eating habits is the key to a fit and healthy body. It is essential to have a healthy diet to maintain physical and mental health along with well-being. This not only helps to maintain weight loss but also promotes a healthier lifestyle with less sleep deprivation. Hence maintaining a healthy diet is very important along with exercising.

Try New Exercises

The most effective way to build the muscles of your upper body is “Pushups”, they recruit all the upper muscles of the body including arms, back, shoulders and chests. To reduce belly fat, and build muscle mass around the waist Try “Crunches.” One of the most complex and effective exercises to try at home is “Dips,” as you lift your entire body weight.

Try Handy and Economical Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment and Accessories Like Training Bands and Sweat Belts are some gym accessories that are economical and are of great support when it comes to stay fit and build muscles effectively. Try Body Reapers gym equipment and accessories if you want more steady and effective results.


Here are some tips for you to build muscles at home, without giving away a penny to gyms. Therefore maintain a fit healthy regime with all available and economical resources.

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