Squat Exercises

Three Squat Exercises you Need to Try

Squat Exercises
Squat Exercises are of great assistance when you want to strengthen the muscles of your legs, lower back, and core. Squats also play a very important role in burning fats and reducing inches faster.

Exercise 1 Jump Squats

Jump Squats help to increase the explosive power of the body, compared to an ordinary squat. This exercise targets your lower body muscles (glutes, leg muscles, lower abs). Squat Jumps help to tone your butt and legs resulting in better stability. Squat jumps also help to lose calories and burn fats, jumping allows to develop mobility and balance, strengthening the leg muscles.

Exercise 2 Sumo Squats

Sumo Squats is a great exercise for strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh, they specifically target the hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, glutes, and muscles of the inner thigh. The wider stance helps in the betterment of the hip mobility, the toughness of the exercise results in better alignment of the body along with a maintained balance and stability.

Exercise 3 Box Jump Squats

Box Jump Squats are the most intense form of squats, they take your explosive power to a different level. Box jumps target all the lower body muscles including (quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves). You can burn a large number of calories with box jumps as they increase the metabolic rate of your body. Box jumps also lift your athletic performance as they directly target your lower leg muscles.

Squats are known to be the most common and effective form of workout as they require no gym equipment and can be performed anywhere and anytime! Hence try these squat exercises right away and strengthen your lower body muscles.

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