Cardiovascular Training

Burn Your Calories with Cardiovascular Training

Burn Your Calories with Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular Training is the most efficient form of workout as it increases the metabolic rate of your body, maximizing your stamina and allowing you to train for a longer period of time.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks have an immense impact on your cardiovascular training as they increase your heart rate and maintain your blood pressure. 10 minutes of Jumping Jacks can help you burn around 100 calories, they require no such equipment so you can try them anywhere, anytime!


Burn calories and relieve your stress altogether with kickboxing. It is one of the most effective forms of cardio workout as it allows you to burn mega calories, maintain your posture, and boosts your confidence by taking your body strength to a different level. Kickboxing is the most ideal Cardio training workout as it is a combination of Karate and boxing. You can use gym equipment including a punching bag, gym gloves, or hand protector wraps.

Alternating Jump Lunges

Alternating Jump Lunges adds more definition and intensity to a basic lunge by adding a jump increasing the metabolism of the body. Lunges help to maintain the stability and balance of your body, as it stresses on the spine and the core of the body to build balance. You can burn 4-8 calories per minute through lunges.


Cardiovascular workouts are very popular nowadays due to the immense benefits they have to offer, the list of cardio exercises is extensive. You can also try squats, aerobics, push-ups, planks, running, burpees and much more to secure better health and fitness benefits.

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