Outdoor Exercise, The Benefits and the Dangers

Outdoor Exercise

An Outdoor exercise with the right environment has a lot of benefits, it enhances the health with two things combined: getting you out and making your body move.

Doing exercises outdoors is beneficial for everyone be it from Swimming, Biking, Hiking, Trekking and Jogging etc. Even though it's only for 10 minutes, one gets all the fresh air that they won’t be getting indoors, it makes you connect with Mother Nature and makes you feel grounded.

It Improves the Mood, A Natural AntiDepressant

Exercising outdoors can help with one’s mental health as it wards of anxiety and anger, once you get exposed to sunlight you get an ample amount of vitamin D throughout the day, and also naturally increases your serotonin levels a feel-good hormone that affects the mood coupled with your exercises that produces endorphins another feel-good hormone that enhances mood and reduces pain. A simple jog or running helps to keep the body balanced when the energy levels are increased.

A Self-Esteem Booster

An outdoor location that is composed of some water or greenery plays a big part with enhancing it. Exercises that are said to boost self esteem are Horseback Riding, Fishing, Gardening, Cycling and Walking. Fresh air is another booster that has a pack of benefits such as strengthening the immune system, helps with better digestion, enhances blood pressure and heart rate etc. Cross fit training helps with the over all appearance of the person with a boost in confidence
If you love social outings or not, then outdoor exercise would be fun if you love to exercise with or without your family or friends etc.

Now we move on to the part where outdoor exercises have some dangers to them Pollution and Bad Weather

A disadvantage if one is willing to go outdoors and exercise, Fresh air would be hard to find with all the pollution in the air, because of these two issues it becomes an easy excuse not to go outdoors and easily lose the motivation of working outdoors. Bad weathers that are hazardous for a person are Heat stroke and Extreme sun exposure in the Summer and Frostbite, Hypothermia and Trench Foot in the Winters.

Sun Exposure

Could cause hyperpigmentation and high levels of UV radiation that could damage the skin cells, build even more skin cells which could go out of control and in return give skin cancer.

A heat stroke causes high temperature, anxiety, confusion, delirium and hypotension. So if your planning on doing a workout outdoors be it from a simple or a heavy duty one you might have to reconsider it due to the bad weather.

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