The Best workouts for your Arms

The Best workouts for your Arms
Multiple exercises can be performed using gym equipment or home training accessories to target arms. One can target specific muscles of arms or whole arm to strengthen the arms, increase mobility, tone them, tighten them and blast fat or gain muscle.

Arms are one of the most famous body parts people love to train. There is no doubt that people are always more interested in training their biceps when it comes to arms however, triceps have more muscle mass than biceps and proper engagement will make you reap the desired reward.

Biceps have two points of origin at the front of the arm ( long head and short head). One of the most well-known arms exercises out there is the bicep curl. There are many different types of curls some of them are barbell bicep curl, dumbbell preacher curl, and cable bicep curl, etc. They can be performed at the gym or home using home training accessories. They target the following muscles:

  • biceps brachii ( long head and short head)
  • brachialis

The tricep is a large muscle with three points of origin, shaped like a horseshoe thus known as the “Tricep” muscle. Its main function is the extension of the elbow. There are many exercises to isolate the triceps but among them, few are more popular and engage most muscle mass. Skull crusher, cable triceps pushdown, single-arm dumbbell overhead triceps extension, triceps dips, and barbell bench press. They engage the following muscles:

  • Tricep Brachii (lateral head, long head, and medial head).

When someone joins the gym they see all gym accessories and gym equipment that are amazing to use and we come across wonderful techniques. When doing exercise stick to basics in the beginning while slowly moving to the top .

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