10 No Gym Equipment Workouts

10 No Gym Equipment Workouts
You don’t need any workout accessories to start your fitness journey, you can do the best home training without any Workout Accessories. Here are some No-Gym Equipment Workouts to help you get started:

Jogging: This is a simple but most effective exercise if done regularly. 

Bridge Raises: It helps with back pain and posture. Also Strengthens your Abs, Thighs & Pelvis. 

Squats: It Strengthens your core and Legs. Other variations are Jump Squats & Wide Stance Squats if you want a challenge. 

Lunges: You can do Standing Lunges, Lateral Lunges, or Walking Lunges right at your home. 

Push-Ups: You can do these any time throughout your day.

Pull-Ups: You can use any high-hanging place at your home or surroundings for this. 

Burpees: It’s a combination of Squatting, Jumping, and push-up, in this same order.

Planks: This can be done anywhere, anytime. It strengthens your core. 

Scissor Kicks: They are great for your inner thighs and lower abs. Lie flat down on a mat, raise both your heels about 4-6 inches off the floor, keeping your legs together. Keep your legs straight and rhythmically move your feet in a criss-cross motion. Cross one foot over the other then switches feet on the next movement.

Heel Raises: It strengthens your claves. It can be done Either on the floor or the stairs; can be done in a plie squat position if you want an added challenge.

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