Household Items As Gym Equipment

Household Items As Gym Equipment
Staying physically active is the key to achieving the perfect body, but if there is no gym equipment available in the house how will they exercise? However there is an alternative to it, and that are Household items which could be a replacement.

The following are some household items that work like magic into getting in shape all the while from your humble abode

Stairs, Towel, Wall Push-ups, Water Gallons, Paper Plates, Chairs and Pillows.

Stairs are the best alternative for Cardio, If you want to burn all that fat faster this is the one to do.

Towel is an alternative to a Resistance band, It can be wrapped around a door handle. It's used for Stretching and its main target are the Legs.

Wall Push-Ups are just like an original push up routine but with the involvement of a wall. This exercise targets the Shoulders, the Pectoral Muscles, Triceps, Biceps and the Erector spinae.

Water Gallons For Squats as a substitute to dumbbells, this exercise targets the glutes and legs.

Paper Plates and Lunges are the perfect pair, this exercise targets the Legs and Knees.

Chairs are great for doing Sit Ups or squats. This exercise targets the Abdominal area and the Spine.

Pillows You can target the core strength and the body from head to toe, either you’re laying on your back or front. This exercise has a lot of variations, however you decide on exercising it’ll give you the exact result you were aiming for.

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