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Sitting All Day, 5 Great Desk Exercises To Try

Sitting All Day, 5 Great Desk Exercises To Try

Humans are hardworking species that work till 9 to 5, sitting all day long in front of the desk, spending all those hours constantly sitting on a chair that lacks productivity, that’s when problems arise inside the body. Sitting with a perfectly aligned posture is tough but keeping the back straight is a must. The vertebrae and pelvis will at some point start hurting if the sitting posture isn’t proper for prolonged hours.

Some simple exercises that anyone can do while just sitting on their chair are as follows: Relieving Neck Tension, Segmented Cat-Cow, Seated Heart Opener, Seated Leg Raises and Diaphragm Breathing.

Before starting any workout there should always be some simple warm up exercises to loosen up all our tensed muscles.

Relieving Neck Tension

This exercise is targeted towards the neck and shoulders to take off all the load on the muscles while we are seated.

Segmented Cat-Cow

This exercise targets the upper and lower back movements. It extends the spine one joint at a time and aims to resolve any pain in the muscles.

Seated Heart Opener

This exercise targets the chest, upper back and shoulder movements. It increases flexibility in the spine as you bend backwards.

Seated Leg Raises

This exercise is the perfect fit as you’re well seated and can do it as it is without having to get up. It targets the abdominal area and of course each part of the leg.

Diaphragm Breathing

This exercise loosens up the tension in the muscles and relaxes the nervous system, whilst breathing all you need to do is inhale and exhale.

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