What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training or occlusion training - promotes muscle hypertrophy and strength gains more effectively compared to traditional load weight lifting. Occlusion training has even provided better results than heavy load weight lifting. The gym equipment that is used for occlusion training is lifting gears but a tourniquet is typically wrapped around the arms just under the shoulder or around the legs just below the hip. The tourniquets are typically known as BFR bands and are one of the important gym accessories.

The goal of occlusion training is to decrease the time it takes to build strength and muscle size. Using elastic wraps before lifting gears, you reduce the movement of blood flowing back to your heart so the body part you’re working out becomes more engorged with blood. In essence, this simulates the feeling of a much harder workout in the muscles while also tricking the brain into thinking that the body is performing a very difficult workout.

As a result, your pituitary gland releases more growth hormones (reportedly up to 170 percent more) along with hormones that are directly related to muscle hypertrophy.

For instance, a person performs bicep curls with 25-pound weights to increase bicep strength and muscle size. With the help of occlusion training with lifting gears, you would only need to use a 1 to 5-pound weight to achieve the same level of strength and muscle growth.

In conclusion, you can expect many positive changes by occlusion training.

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