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How to deal with muscle soreness after a workout?

How to deal with muscle soreness after a workout?

Muscle soreness is often considered to be a good sign after a workout, as this means that your workout was intense enough to create small tears in your muscle fibers. Muscle Soreness can occur if you take the intensity, frequency, and length of your workouts to another level. The healing process of muscle soreness leads to better muscle growth taking your fitness to another level. To some extent, muscle soreness is a good thing but it should not be prolonged. Therefore, here are some ways you can deal with it and ease the pain.

3 Ways to overcome Muscle Soreness

Wear Compression Sleeves/Wraps

Compression Bands like Knee Wraps, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Wraps, and Bicep Compression Sleeves are very essential workout accessories when it comes to minimizing muscle soreness. The compression element in these bands aid in blood circulation which alleviates lactic acid build-up, reducing muscle soreness.


A 15 minutes stretching session routinely after your intense powerlifting workout helps to improve the blood circulation of the muscles which shortens the recovery time of your exercises thus reducing muscle soreness.

Eat Anti-inflammatory Food

Some evidence suggests that Intake of antioxidant-rich food products helps in reducing muscle soreness. For instance, Watermelon is rich in amino acids, as suggested by some studies, amino acids can reduce heart recovery rate and muscle soreness.

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