What are the best workouts to build muscle in your back?

What are the best workouts to build muscle in your back?

Workout is the most essential part of the day, and if you are looking forward to building your muscles with the right frequency, here’s a little guide for you. Building the muscles of the upper back leads to better posture. It also allows one to lift more weights by preventing the risk of future injuries and reducing lower back pain.

3 Workouts to Build the Muscles in your Back

Resistance Band Pulls Apart

Resistance Band Pulls apart is a simple but very effective workout to kick-start the muscles of the upper back. The exercise requires a simple workout accessory, Long Resistance Bands. Make sure the resistance band you use shall be flexible enough to complete at least 15-20 reps with good form. To perform a Resistance Band Pull apart stand with your arm expanded and stretch the band in front of you so it is parallel to the ground. While keeping your arms straight pull the band apart with your hands and arms moving laterally away from the shoulders. The band shall be kept at the chest height and return your hands to start position once reached the full extent. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

Lat Pulldown

The Lat Pulldown strengthens the muscles of the bicep, forearm, and lats, due to the pulling movement from above the head down to the chest. Lat pulldown can be performed by a machine in the gym or a resistance band. If you are doing them through a machine, adjust the pad, make sure it is touching your thighs, stand up and grasp the bar extending the shoulder-width apart, sitting back down.

Bent-Over Barbell

Bent-Over Barbell is known for strengthening the muscles of the upper back, biceps, and shoulders. The workout improves your posture through a stronger muscular support system. To perform the exercise, grasp the loaded barbell with an expanded grip, slightly wider than your shoulder width, and row the barbell till it's touching your stomach.

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