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The Biggest Misconceptions About Strength Training

The Biggest Misconceptions About Strength Training
Strength training perceives many misconceptions which need to be addressed, some of them are listed below;

It’s For Men: On average, starting in the late 20s, women start losing 5 pounds of muscle every year and after menopause, it doubles leading to a 3% drop in metabolism per year. And it’s just because they Avoid the weight room and focus solely on simple workouts. 

It’ll Make You Bulky: With proper nutrition, lifting weights will create a healthy and normal level of muscles that help promote fast metabolism. 

It gains more muscles than cardio: Muscles of a strength trainer burn 50% more calories than runners. And you can lose weight without any dieting.

Muscle turns into fat if you stop: Muscle and fat are two completely different things, fat can’t turn into muscles and muscles cannot turn into fat, rather having muscles will help your body burn fat. 

Lifting Heavy is the key: Change in weights for different exercises will help in better muscle gain than just doing one workout with heavyweights. 

Faster is Better: Slow and steady wins the race. Faster reps will not be as efficient as taking it slow unless you’re powerlifting. 

Machines are more efficient: Free weight contains more movement of the body using multiple muscles which machines can’t give, one can also use workout accessories like home training bands as they are more economical and effective.  

Work one muscle group a day is better: Choose Compound Exercise that works more than one muscle group for a more efficient workout.

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