Easy Grip Weightlifting Straps

How to wear figure 8 lifting straps?

How to wear figure 8 lifting straps?

Body Reapers has introduced several gym accessories, lifting gear is the one. They're cotton made with 1/4 area thickened to provide grip while holding a bar. There is no hard and fast rule in defining their applicability. They are simple straps, having two loops. All you have to do is just place your hand in one loop and bring about another loop from the bottom of the bar and stick another hand around that second loop. Twist the lifting tie towards the plate side and the hand should be placed below the bar side.

Using Figure 8 Lifting Straps

While twisting it towards the place side to make straps tighter, fold it once, twice, or thrice till the point you could hang by loosening the grip as well.

Perks of using Lifting Gear

You will not fall but hang on the bar with ease through figure 8 lifting straps once you will lose your clutch too. They secure your grip and allow you to withstand lifting for a bit longer than bare-handed. Its multi-stitching assures that it doesn't break or fail to lift overweight. While performing exercises having maximal weight, strap belt could enhance is working and provide relief in terms of lats or upper back. 

Their stretchable feature ensures grip of massive weight. Their results are the most promising in terms of flexibility and durability. The quality of these products is beyond imagination. That is the only reason gymnastics make continuous noise regarding how supporting and essential they are. We provide quality products which stick positive effect to a gymnasial mode of life.

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