How to use hormones as a weight loss catalyst with gym equipment

How to use hormones as a weight loss catalyst with gym equipment

Many hormones in your body affect your weight gain or weight loss. If you understand how hormones work you can even use them for your purpose of weight loss with some home training or workouts.

  • Leptin

Leptin is produced by your fat cells. They are produced in abundance when you have high body fat. High leptin secretion makes you feel full so you don’t eat much. But some people suffer from “leptin resistance,” in which leptin signals don’t get through your brain. When fat levels fall, so do leptin levels, and your brain gets a strong hormonal signal to eat more and burn less.

  • Ghrelin

With traditional starvation diets, ghrelin increases. Ghrelin makes you hungrier.

  • Insulin

Insulin is a fat-burning hormone produced in the pancreas. It sends glucose into body cells. If you eat too much glucose, your body can suffer from a condition known as insulin resistance. In this case, all extra glucose will get stored in your fat cells. Fat cells will always accept more energy for storage. Therefore, keeping insulin levels in check is vital not just for preventing diabetes, but also for maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid hormones regulate your metabolism, which affects your weight, heart, brain, digestion, and more bodily systems. It affects almost every aspect of your health. Fewer thyroid secretions can cause fatigue, cold, dryness, more fat storage, insulin resistance, depression, hair loss, and memory problems.

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