How to Build Bigger Bicep Muscles, Here’s a Guide

How to Build Bigger Bicep Muscles, Here’s a Guide


Biceps are primarily the largest muscle group on the front section of your upper arm. We all want bigger biceps, most of us do. Building bigger biceps does not have to be difficult, it’s just that you're doing it wrong. One of the principal reasons why people's biceps don't develop as big as they would like them to be is because they fail to realize that the bicep is broken down into more than one part. You can try different workout accessories and home training bands to achieve better and fast growth.

Three easy ways to build muscles more efficiently

  • Change up your Workouts:

Every Six workouts your body has entirely accommodated, will not always earn you the corresponding benefits. Adding variety to your workout regimes is the key to building bigger bicep muscles. Doing the same curl each week won't be earning you the optimal amount of productivity.

  • Try BFR Training with Bicep Occlusion Straps:

Bicep Occlusion Straps is a gym accessory in the USA that has been scientifically
proven to enhance bicep muscle size and strength. Body Reapers Bicep Occlusion straps are 3 inches wide and are excellent in offering restriction of blood flow in the veins of a working muscle. This helps to kick-start some larger gains in the bicep muscle size. Body Reapers manufactures super comfortable occlusion bands, they are embellished with elastic strap, velcro style design to keep the bands in place.


  • Train-Less:

When boosting the muscles of your biceps, playing hard is not the best strategy. In fact, you should only give your bicep muscles 20-30 mins per week for authentic results. Excess workouts can cause a burden on your biceps. Which results in ripping down the developing muscle fibers you worked to strengthen up.

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