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Benefits and Techniques of Pull-ups

Benefits and Techniques of Pull-ups

There are quite a few benefits of pull-ups, some are given below:

Improves your Physique

One standard pull-up for starters is an intense enough exercise and some people might not even be able to do it. And pull-ups regularly can seriously build up your upper body.  

Low impact Movement
The only crucial part of doing a pull-up is your hand grip. Multiple muscles in you both arms work to keep your hand grip on the pull-up bar. There are very few chances of any injury occurring during a pull-up, that’s why this exercise is best to include in your low-impact workout. 

Tones Your Upper Body
Keep consistent with your pull-ups for a month or so and you will see significant changes in your upper body. It will build your forearms, shoulders, and even chest. You can also use workout accessories like Bicep Compression Sleeves and Occlusion Straps to tone the muscles of your biceps. To get the premium quality Bicep Compression Sleeves and Occlusion Straps visit Body Reapers rightaway!  

Better Mood
Pull-up is one of the most crucial compound movements for your body. And it is proven that exercise releases a happiness booster hormone known as endorphins, which will keep you in a better mood all day. This healthy exercise improves overall physical health by improving blood circulation, oxygen
intake and facilitating toxins expulsion from the body through sweating. 

How to Progress?
Just do five sets of negative pull-ups from the bar every day until you can hang for ten or even fifteen seconds. You either have to practice doing the exercise or doing the easier variation.

Training Bands Assistance
Body Reapers Resistance Home Training bands are helpful for new people. The best way to use the training band is to attach the band to the bar with a knot. Put your knees or feet inside it depends on the amount of help you want when making an assisted pull.

Alternates to pull-ups
You can do chin-ups and then do a dead hang if you are still unable to do pull-ups.

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