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5 Workouts That Are Safe in Pregnancy

5 Workouts That Are Safe in Pregnancy

5 Workouts That Are Safe in Pregnancy

Following activities are mostly safe for women during pregnancy:


Always start your every workout with light walking. It helps warm up your legs. Even if you are new to exercising, always start with some light walking and go from there.

Swimming and water exercises:

All water exercises are best in pregnancy because water can give support to the extra belly weight. 


Bike Riding:

You can even ride the bike to your work or if you’re staying at home in your third trimester, you can even exercise on the stationary bike, it will be safer than the road. 

Exercising classes:

Join an exercise class for women, so that your instructor can fully guide you about the safe exercises. Many gyms and community centers provide yoga and pilates just for pregnant women. 


Low-impact aerobics:

You always have one foot on the ground or workout equipment during low-impact aerobics. Low-impact aerobics includes walking exercise, riding a stationary bike, or an elliptical machine. Low-impact aerobics put a low strain on your body unlike high-impact aerobics do. During high-impact aerobics, Both feet leave the ground at the same time. High-impact aerobics include running, jumping rope, and jumping jacks. You can even ask an instructor in your gym for help with your workout. They will properly guide you about all the exercise that is saved for you in pregnancy. 

Strength training:

Strength training is a really helpful exercise for pregnant women. It will help you build muscle and keep your bones strong, its effect will be long lasting, and you will be able to see them even after you have the baby. Just keep your nutrition in check, according to your exercise. Don’t under-eat during pregnancy, because it can even affect the health of your baby. And always wear protective equipment like home training accessories or workout accessories during strength training so as not to strain your muscles. Therefore if you are looking for premium quality workout accessories that can enhance your workout experience you've come to the right place. Body Reapers home training workout bands are ideal for pregnant women in strength training as they can help to build endurance and provide protection from injuries. 

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