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Wrist Wraps Vs Hand Wraps

Wrist Wraps Vs Hand Wraps

Wrist Wraps is a handy gym accessory. Its purpose is to provide support to the wrist joint during heavy or high effort lifts in pressing movements and overhead lifts. During these movements, your wrist can be pulled into excessive extension under load and can result in compromised mechanics, possible injury, and failed lifts.

A wrist wrap provides additional support to the bones in your wrist during all exercises and helps you keep proper wrist alignment, helping you to mitigate wrist injury and discomfort. Wrist wraps target specific muscles. The goal of wrist wraps during weight training is to fatigue the muscle groups you are attempting to strengthen. 

Hand wraps help to secure the bones of your hands, increase padding across the knuckles, and add additional wrist support. When you're wearing hand wraps and you make a fist, it's light, compact, and helps your hands as well as wrists to stay aligned. It's important to choose hand wraps that are made the right way.

Hand wraps will always be essential for MMA or Boxing. When it’s about the protection of your hand and wrist, hand wraps are pivotal in preventing injuries. Throwing punches, with your bare hands can be very dangerous. You can never imagine how devastating impact combat sports can have on your hands while throwing punches at an opponent or a heavy bag.

Concluding, whether the wrist wraps or hand wraps, both are significant gym equipment for your power moves.

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