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Tips for choosing Strength Training Equipment

Tips for choosing Strength Training Equipment

Strength training gym equipment builds body strength by harnessing gravity, body weight, external weight, or tension as a resistance force. Styles and prices range widely from expensive professional equipment to affordable, portable home training equipment. Body Reapers has a wide range of portable and inexpensive gym accessories that are ideal for strength training. Instead of investing a considerable sum of money in weight lifting machines, you can save a fortune by selecting a few basics as follows if you're new to strength training.

Ankle weights:

Ankle weights are optional for strength exercises like the side leg raise and hip extension. Look for comfortably padded ankle support to add as you progress. 5-10 pounds are usual ankle weight sets, depending on the exercises you intend to do.

Exercise mat

A thick carpet or towels will work temporarily for floor exercises but for the long term choose a nonslip, well-padded mat. 

Hand weights

Start with sets of weights from 2 pounds and 5 pounds, or 5 pounds and 8 pounds, depending on your current strength. As needed, add heavier weights. Use dumbbells with padded center bars or D-shaped weights because they are easy to hold. Other options are weight lifting hooks and straps that let you screw weights onto a central bar. Check Body Reapers to buy affordable and premium quality weight lifting hook straps. 

Resistance bands

A full-body strength workout can also be done using resistance bands. They are low-cost, lightweight, portable, and easy the store. They are big, wide rubber bands. They come in several levels of resistance. They vary from very light to very heavy. Body Reapers Long Resistance band sets can assist you in your strength training. Try Banded Split Squat, Banded Alternating Bent-Over Row, Banded Standing Anti-Rotation Press, Banded Overhead Squat, and Banded Hammer Curl to Half Curl.


They also come in several levels of resistance. They vary from very light to very heavy. Some brands come with a door attachment helpful for anchoring tubing in place when doing certain strength exercises. Look for tubing with padded handles on each end. 

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