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5 Ways to get rid off Knee Pain

5 Ways to get rid off Knee Pain

No one realizes how essential are the knees for everyday work until they hurt or get injured. There are a number of people old and young suffering from knee problems.

Here are 5 things to do to manage knee issues. 

1) Activate Your Glutes

Glutes are important muscle groups because of their key role in hip movement. They’re also the biggest, and therefore the strongest, muscle group in the body. Here are some exercises to help get your glutes fired up and moving properly to help take some stress off your knees.

60 seconds of Glute Bridge

30 seconds of Standing Glute Squeeze

60 seconds per side of Side-Lying Clamshell

60 seconds per side of Quadruped Hip Extension

 2) Work Your Hamstrings

Your hamstrings aids in flexing and hip extension, which are key for stabilizing your knees. Make sure to do lots of deadlifts, and standing/sitting machine hamstring curls to strengthen your hamstrings. 

 3) Avoid Painful Movements and Motions

Work your knees without going into the pain zone. Your pain sensitivity will decrease over time.


4) Wear Neoprene Knee Sleeves while using Gym Equipment

Body Reapers knee sleeve will support your knees providing joint stability and protection because the brace keeps the knee out of pain-sensitive ranges of motion. 

 5) Learn To Goblet Squat

It helps in building mobility and strength in the hips, knees, and ankles.

The act of proper goblet squat is restorative for the joints because it strengthens your joints and tendons. It also helps in developing your muscle memory of doing the movement properly.

Do goblet squats often and your joints will keep getting stronger. 

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