3 Workouts to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

3 Workouts to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

3 Workouts to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

The pandemic hit the world with a complete shut-off, resulting in you missing your gyms. It's a really hard time across the globe, but it is essentially better to be safe. While staying at home and working out is a really tough job, our certified trainers have some suggestions. With 3 of the best workouts, you can not only build muscle and burn fat but stay fit at home. AMRAP is one of the most commonly used phenomena while doing exercises, it represents 'As Many Rounds As Possible.

Exercise 01 - 16-Minute Upper-Body (AMRAP)

This workout comprises 8 Burpees, 8 Pushups, 16 Pullups, and 16 Hanging Knee Tucks or Situps. In the 16-Minutes you can do as many rounds as possible for these. It will be an upper-body killer exercise at home. Feel free to use whatever suitable equipment you need to work out, such as dip belts or more.

Exercise 02 - 12-Minute (AMRAP)

Cardiorespiratory Fitness workouts are easier to be practiced at home. Keeping the rest periods relatively shorter and the intensity of workouts higher will be great for your fitness. The 12 Minute AMRAP includes 8 Air Squats, 8 Jumping Lunges, and 16 Russian Twists. You can use resistance bands during squats and other equipment for your assistance.

Exercise 03 - 1-Minute Moves with 5 Rounds

This type of workout is done within one minute for each exercise for 5 rounds each. Making it one of the most effective workouts for home. The workout includes 1 minute Max Deadlifts, 1 minute Max Press, 1 minute Max Reverse Burpees and 1-minute rest.

During the deadlifts, it is advised to use the proper lifting gear such as belts for stability, wrist wraps for wrist support while gloves to avoid blisters. Similarly, other fitness equipment can be used for safe workout sessions.

To perform proper reverse burpees, jump up then squat down, roll to your back, lift your feet off the floor, roll back up then plant feet followed by exploding to the top. As we know it is hard to gain build strength at home, but it is better to be fit during lockdowns than be lethargic.

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