Body Reapers Ankle Rugged Ranger

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Rugged Ranger
Bubblegum Groove
Dual Tone
Lavender Bliss
Stealth Black
Size: Single
color: Rugged Ranger

  • Body Reapers ankle straps are sold in pairs and are simple to clip in and out as needed. To strengthen, tone, and sculpt your lower body muscle groups into the physique you desire, it helps you focus on your legs, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, and calves.
  • These ankle straps can be used during exercises including glute kickbacks, leg extensions, curls, and weighted training on cable machines, resistance trainers, and other machines.
  • We wanted to provide strength & comfort at the same time and therefore made sure to use really soft cotton while maintaining the strength, durability, and shelf-life of quality nylon exterior that comes with a tough D ring.