Trimmer Sweat Belt

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Size: S

  • Body Reapers Trimmer sweat belt works like a Sauna for Your Waist .
  • Made of soft Neoprene that retains heat well, this belt raises your core temperature when exercising.
  • Body Reapers trimmer sweat belt encourages exercise by generating healthy sweat.
  • This adjustable, stretchy & durable belly belt for men and women is made of high quality latex-free neoprene which helps with soft tissue support with non-slip inner layer.
  • This 0.14 inch sweat belt cushions, compresses and therapeutically heats sore muscles to increase muscular stability and speed healing.
  • Unisex and Versatile, this trimmer sweat belt will help you maintaining good posture and a healthy body!
  • Available in one-size that fits all.