I decided it was time I get wrist straps since my wrists and grip give up before my muscles do when working out! And WOW am I impressed. The quality on this product was 10/10, the straps are nice & thick and came with a really nice mesh bag to carry them around. I will say I have tiny baby wrists so the padding was a little big for me but that wasn’t enough to take away from how impressed I was. I’m now lifting weight my wrists could never handle before! I know the few reviews this product has may not make it stand out from other brands but for 10 bucks you just can’t beat it.

Elizabeth P.

Wore them at the gym last night and had a couple people ask me where I got them. They are perfect!

Estelle Palmer

Bill- I've been working out for over 30 years, and I've used all kinds of weight lifting belts. This belt is simply amazing. It's construction and materials are top notch, it's very comfortable, and it's beautiful for a belt! Well done!


This weight lifting belt is of great quality and offers great back support. I tried several belts before that were too thin, colors rub off on clothes, and not durable quailty. However, this belt is high quality, material does not cut into your skin, and is easy to remove on and off between exercises. Definitely recommend it, make your purchase!

Karen S.

Most of the time when I go to the gym, I go with someone else (sometimes two other people). So, in my gym bag I like to have a second pair of things (lifting straps, barbell pad, ankle cuffs) and I saw these and decided to grab them for the price of a pair. And after using them for a week or so I am extremely impressed! They are incredibly durable and supporting on your ankle during kickbacks. I also love the baggie they come in so I can keep them together in my bag, love them!! (And my boyfriend loved them too- I don’t think he liked using my pink FITGIRL ankle cuffs before I bought these 😅)

Hunter Gill

I’ve been using these 3x a week for over a month now. These are super comfortable and super cute! I have the pink ones and they body reapers logo makes me feel like a total badass. They’re good with heavy weight as well. I absolutely love the price compared to others, the quality is really great.