Body Reapers Lever Belt

Precio de oferta$80.00
Size: S

  • The Body Reapers powerlifting belt is designed to help you get more reps on your next session.
  • The 4" width and 10mm thickness were designed for maximum endurance, muscle gain and to maintain your core tight throughout the workout. The lever allows you desired adjustments in a fraction of seconds hence eliminating any need to stop the workout. 
  • The Body Reapers Lever Belt is the most robust and stable powerlifting belt available. The highest quality calfskin gives an anti-slip surface which is further secured with a heavy-duty steel lever to ensure tremendous pressure and backing on the 10mm thick belt.
  • Additionally, the lever is adjustable to your abdomen thanks to its flexibility and 2 simple screws.
  • The belt is also used to provide support for the back, ABS, and the entire abdominal area. During severe workouts, the uniformity of the belt balances the force and strength.
  • Please use a regular measuring tape to measure your true midriff size rather than structure by pants size.
  • Specifications for size:- Please use a measuring diagram when sharing photos to ensure that they are the correct size.