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Body Reapers Ankle Straps


STRAPS FOR LEGS, GLUTES, AND THIGHS- Bodyreapers ankle strap comes in pairs and can be easily clipped in and out as per required. It helps you concentrate on your legs, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, and calves to develop, tone and shape your lower body muscle groups into the body you want. STRAPS FOR CABLE MACHINES -Bodyreapers ankle straps can be utilized...

Body Reapers Padded Ankle Straps


Body Reapers Women Padded Ankle Strap is specifically designed for women with pink padding. It allows mobility and resistance to oversupply, legs, and hips with the help of the multi-path attenuation and enables effective lower body workouts durable with ultimate comfort.Body Reapers women padded ankle strap comes with shock-absorbent padding for improved stability and comfort. In addition, the adjustable hook...